Teen Treatment Options

Teen Treatment Options

Teen Treatment Options To Save a Life

In a spirit of helpfulness, TroubledTeens.com presents parents of troubled teens with a spectrum of teen treatment options. Our hope is to assist you as you seek therapeutic treatment for your struggling teenager. If you need immediate intervention, call us - we can help - 855-808-3367.

Keep in mind, if your teenager is totally out-of-control you might be forced to consider extreme measures to save his or her life. What are extreme measures? Out-of-home therapeutic placements such as residential treatment centers, drug treatment programs, group homes for troubled teens, wilderness therapy programs, and therapeutic boarding schools. 

One more thing you need to be prepared for... You might need to completely remove your child from his or her current environment. It has been proven that many out-of-control teens respond better to therapeutic intervention when they are extracted from all distractions and negative external influences. Distractions are negative peer groups and smartphones, and negative external influences are drugs, alcohol, and in the case of teenage girls, older men who prey on young women. If you consider your child to be a danger to him/herself, be prepared to consider drastic treatment options.

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Drastic Treatment Measures for Desperate Situations

For many parents, placing their troubled teen in a boot camp, wilderness therapy program, or a therapeutic boarding school is "drastic," which is understandable. However, all too often parents hesitate to remove their child from their current troubled environment and hope local treatment options will do the trick. Unfortunately, too many parents are in the dark and are unaware of the depth of their teen's trouble. Many times, only know the tip of the iceberg, and an out-of-home placement is their only option.

If your child is totally out-of-control we recommend you speak to a professional mental health expert to consider your child's situation and your available treatment options. If you are uncertain about the depth and details of your child's issues, be prepared to place your child into one of the aforementioned treatment options for at least 90 days. It's in the best interest of your child to be evaluated, and therefore you must allow mental health practitioners sufficient time and space to perform a thorough clinical evaluation.

In a perfect world, parents would take their time when considering an out-of-home treatment option. In a perfect world, parents would move slowly and carefully while fully investigate the pros and cons of each teen treatment option. Unfortunately, parenting an out-of-control troubled teen is far from a perfect world and most of the time parents are forced to move quickly before a bad situation takes a turn for the worse. Let our professional counselors help you to determine the gravity of your child's particular situation. We can help you find the best therapeutic treatment option for your troubled teenager before the situation becomes unmanageable.

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Residential Treatment Centers

Teen residential treatment programs cover a wide array of teenage issues including ADHD, adoption, acting out sexually, manipulation, eating disorders, substance addiction, and poor academic performances. A teen’s chances of recovery in a residential treatment center are the greatest when they are in an overly positive, highly-structured environment with qualified professionals that want to see them succeed.

Drug Treatment Programs

Adolescents have different drug treatment needs when compared to adults struggling with drug addiction. Teens needing drug treatment do not have the same mental and emotional maturity that adults have, and therefore they are best served through a drug treatment program specializing in the treatment of teenagers. Teens typically enter drug rehab with a resistance to treatment, struggling with a high level of resistance to treatment.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic Boarding Schools are a great place for troubled teens to head to, in order to be placed in an environment that likely triggers inappropriate behavior. These alternative schools offer a stronger academic curriculum that also includes study hall time that is monitored by staff members. With a limited use of internet, television and video games, children in boarding schools are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of activities outside of the classroom, including music, the performing arts, sports and other intellectual pursuits.

Wilderness Therapy Programs

Wilderness therapy programs surround the troubled teenagers with nature, something that can’t be bargained with, blackmailed or argued with. Being engulfed by nature has a calming effect on people, especially those who are dealing with some internal turmoil. In wilderness camps, teenagers are removed from the rest of society to focus on themselves, learning to accept responsibilities and the possible consequences that could stem from any decision.

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Boot camps for troubled teens are a popular option many parents consider, especially in the early stages of searching for viable solutions. However, boot camps for troubled youth are not "treatment" options. In other words, if a parent is looking for a "treatment" option, boot camps would not be a part of the list of options. Boot camps do not offer "treatment."

Boot camps are highly regimented and physically demanding intensive behavioral modification programs. Boot camps have no "treatment" relevance or component. Boot camps are traditionally associated with juvenile criminal courts and juvenile detention programs. Boot camps are used by judges as an alternative to detention. In some States and counties, judges presiding over juvenile justice courts use boot camps as a tool to curb criminal behavior by juvenile delinquents convicted of crimes.

Some mental health professionals believe boot camps are designed to break the spirit of juvenile delinquents by using physical discomfort. They also believe that boot camps are a source of manipulation that forces teens into behavioral compliance. Lastly, boot camps are viewed as a temporary painful consequence and an alternative to more painful consequences (like being locked up long-term in detention).

Proponents of boot camps believe that the physical discomfort experienced in a boot camp setting is a deterrent and acts as an effective wake-up call. Proponents of boot camps believe they are an effective prevention option for troubled teens who are just beginning to act out. 

TroubledTeens.com does not recommend "boot camps" for teenagers in need of mental or emotional health treatment. Instead, we recommend hundreds of therapeutic intervention treatment options specifically designed to treat teens and adolescents. TrouledTeens.com offers a spectrum of innovative therapeutic programs designed to help troubled teens get the appropriate level and type of treatment they need to heal and get back on track.

The programs we represent are typically licensed, fully accredited, and members of prestigious associations such as the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), Joint Commission: Accreditation, Health Care, Certification (JACHO), Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camps (NATWC), Association for Experiential Education (AEE), and National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA). We represent only the top therapeutic treatment programs offering first-class clinical treatment.

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