Wilderness Camps

One way to help out your troubled teen is to send them to a wilderness camp, a newer option which parents have been turning to. Unlike other forms of counseling where patients get a temporary reprieve from their issues, attendees at a wilderness camp are lifted from all distractions. Teens who partake in a wilderness camp will also be encouraged by peers who are battling similar issues. In order to get the full experience out of any camp, it is recommended that attendees stay at camp for at least 90 days.

Nature is inherently therapeutic, the perfect environment to teach children lessons that are hard to ignore. Nature is a force to be dealt with, as it can’t be intimidated, bargained with or subjected to any type of blackmail. Children in wilderness camps get a sense of perspective, as they learn the direct consequences of disobeying rules and for other actions like not picking up after themselves. During the wilderness camp, your troubled teen may finally gain a sense of responsibility.

The effects of wilderness camps are heightened when the staff couples the therapeutic effect of nature with sound therapeutic concepts and a great aftercare program. Being engulfed by nature has a calming effect on people, especially those who are dealing with some internal turmoil. A healthy, daily physical routine will help camp participants better focus their energy, while teaching how to work together to solve problems. Kids quickly become self-reliant, but also learn how to be part of a team while at wilderness camp.

The aftercare program is vital to your child’s continued recovery as they adjust to life back at home. Unlike the environment at wilderness school, the rest of the world is different and less supportive of your child’s need to change. Without a solid aftercare plan, your child is put at risk of relapsing into old habits and behaviors.

Aftercare programs should also include family counseling, as dealing with problem children involves the whole family. The support of an entire family to get better is vital in making sure that the troubled teen is able to overcome their issues.

Turning Winds Academic Institute offers an innovative therapeutic program that will attempt to help the individual with their deficiencies. A fully accredited institute by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and the National Independent Private Schools Association, TWAI has a first-class experienced clinical team that leads one-on-one and group therapy sessions, while touting a diverse collection of teachers. Plenty of personal attention will be given to each teen, to ensure proper progress.