Teen Boot Camps

One of the more popular juvenile delinquency programs to help reform teenage behavior is boot camps. Introduced in the 1980’s, boot camps make participants undergo a rigorous physical training regime that is modeled after military-style routines.

Teens are usually sent to boot camp in lieu of jail time for a crime or as an alternative to other boarding schools and rehabilitation programs that can’t meet the needs of a physically violent child. If you have a troubled teen at home that is physically out of control, a boot camp might be the environment to help your child with his troubles.

Days start early for those in a boot camp, which include physically punishing activities in a highly structured format. Scare tactics are enforced to force change on the participants, likely breaking to the tactics in order to modify behavior. Rules are enforced strictly, as any infraction is dealt with severely. The majority of rules in a boot camp are established to get attendees to obey them, while understanding the concept of punishment for disobedience.

Participants spend most of their time will in boot camp outside, the opposite of today’s teenage population. Teenagers as of recent times tend to spend an overwhelming amount of time watching television or playing video games. Being outside is therapeutic in and of itself, proving to be beneficial for the camp attendees. The physical activity that occurs in a boot camp is also a good way for the troubled teens to get in shape.

The main problem with boot camps is that they utilize negative discipline in concerted efforts to break the spirit of participants in order to affect and modify behavior. The intense physical activities are often without therapeutic merit.

Some teens are successfully deterred from bad behavior, but the relapse rate for troubled teens that are sent to boot camp is still very high. Weak teens will give in to the behavior modification while in the presence of program personnel, but will still hold the same attitudes that they entered camp with. Teens with stronger personalities will clash with staff and won’t conform to program standards, as they will have a tendency to battle with any authority figure that they come across. For stronger willed teens, boot camps are tough to endure because of the reinforcement that all authority is negative.

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