Picking the Right Boarding School for Your Teen

When choosing the correct boarding school for your teenager, there are several factors that come into play, not only with your teen, but with the school that you are looking at. There are several different kinds of boarding schools, each with a different area of focus, to help nearly any kind of teenager. Below we examine a few of the main types of boarding schools for teenagers.

College Preparatory

Most boarding schools consider themselves college preparatory schools. These schools help prepare students for college life, better preparing them than public schools. Making the jump from normal home life to college dorm life can be an extreme shock to the teenager, and college preparatory schools help with that transition.

Religious Boarding Schools

Many families take their beliefs and practices extremely seriously. When looking into improving their child’s education is no different. There are several different kind of religious boarding schools that cater to just about any major belief.

Junior Boarding Schools

These kind of boarding schools provide education to students in middle school and below. These boarding schools are not nearly as common as the more traditional boarding school for high school aged students. They are commonly known as prep-schools, as they prepare the student for further education either in a public high school or a boarding school.

Pre-Professional Arts Schools

There are also boarding schools that have a main focus on the arts, be it performing arts or visual arts. These special kind of boarding schools help prepare students for a future in the arts, starting with specialized colleges and leading all the way to their future careers. If you have a child that excels in music or art, these pre-professional arts schools could be for you.

Military Boarding Schools

Military Boarding Schools are a more common type of boarding schools. These facilities not only focus on academic achievement, but help instruct its students in a military style education, discipline and tradition.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Provide clinical inpatient services for students with disabilities or other behavioral/social problems. This includes students dealing with ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorder, substance abuse issues, acting out, and many others. These are the best kind of boarding schools to help turn your troubled teens life around.