Co-ed Boarding Schools

Coeducation is the education of both male and female genders in the same institution, school or program, also known as mixed-sex education. Parents may have a difficult time deciding on the best choice between mixed-sex and single-sex education for their child’s education, especially if the youth is a troubled teenager. Some accredit single-sex schools as better environments for learning due to the lack of distraction from the opposite sex. However co-ed education has advantages in academics which may be better suited for some students. Student diversity, real life atmospheres and scientific studies contribute to these advantages.

In a single sex educational setting like an alternative boarding school the focus tends to be based on religion or academic level which equals less diversity and change. In a mixed-sex educational setting such as a co-ed boarding school program there is much more student diversity. Co-education gives the opportunity for youths to witness different learning styles and gain experiences that they wouldn’t have in a girls or boys only environment.

Parents may be concerned that their children could be distracted from their studies by an attractive member of the opposite sex in the classroom. While it may actually prove difficult for some students to adjust to a real co-ed work environment once they graduated from a one gendered program. This is directly related to the adolescent’s personality some tend to relate well once working in a co-ed setting and others may find a single sex setting to academically competitive due to the lack of the opposite sex.6373518 blog

New studies suggest that there is no benefit to single sex schools and that coeducation is actually beneficial for academic progress. Most of the studies are nationwide studies from England and Australia. The studies compare single-sex education with coeducation and focus on grades and test scores as the parameters of interest. The studies range in percentage of test scores but students both male and female tend to score higher in SAT testing in schools that are co-ed.

When parents are choosing to enlist their child in either a co-ed or single sex setting no matter whether it is school, wilderness program, residential treatment center or even a youth camp, they should decide on what is best for that individual. A low student to teacher ratio is generally best but these can be found in both co-ed and gender specific settings. All parents want their children to succeed and they should make the judgment based on if their child would learn best in a diverse real world type atmosphere that new studies can attribute to or if they want to focus on other advantages.