Choosing the Right Boarding Schools

Choosing where your child will learn is no easy task. If you decide boarding school is right for your child you will need to select which is the best boarding school option for them. In doing this you will need to consider what matters most to you and your family. You will apply these important factors into the selection process. Setting a schedule and following through with the steps you have created will help you handpick the school that is right for your family.

Searching for a Boarding School

Start a list of what you consider the most important aspects of a boarding school. Cost is normally a concern for any family and their budget. Tuitions will vary and deciding how much you are willing to pay will be the first step. Other considerations may be if the school has a religious affiliation, their dress code, the number of students in the school, the acceptance rate, if they offer certain sports or other extracurricular activities. Any other matters that are important to you should be added to a list.

The next step is taking the list and identifying the boarding schools that fit within that desired spectrum of wants. At this stage you will want to look at schools that may not fulfill all of your criteria. 10 to 15 schools is a good starting number of schools to initially look over. Then you will start to narrow you list down. Visit as many schools as possible. The feel of individual schools cannot be experienced through brochures and information alone.

Some of the last steps in the process would be admissions testing, applying and paying for the chosen boarding school. Most boarding schools will only accept students that score within a certain percentile of the admissions test. By the time you are ready to apply for a school you should have your list narrowed down to two or three. Before payment is arranged look into scholarships to see if any would apply to your youth.

Try to start your search 16-18 months before the admission dates. This will enable you to start your list and visit schools prior to the admission period. Visiting the schools that meet your criteria will be the most time consuming portion but also one of the most valuable. If you keep to your scheduled steps the whole process can be much less overwhelming and should provide you with better results in your choice of boarding school.