Boarding School Enrollment

After deciding to send your teenager to a boarding school, the next step is to decide on a facility and research the enrollment process. Some academic boarding schools may require a minimum GPA, standardized tests, and essay for acceptance. These requirements can be found on the school’s website, information packet, or by contacting the school’s admissions department. Due to the variety in boarding schools available including therapeutic, academic, and military; the tuition and admissions will differ school to school.

Each boarding school facility will be able to provide prospective parents and students with information regarding their enrollment process. In the case of therapeutic boarding schools, the school will typically pre-qualify troubled teens for enrollment dependent on the behavioral issues being displayed. Parents and prospective students are encouraged to tour the boarding facility, and meet with advisors to discuss financial aid options.

Reviewing Prospective Boarding Schools

Be sure to browse the website of any selected schools and evaluate the information that they provide for parents and potential students and call with any questions or concerns you may have. We also recommend that if they have a faculty section, you review the each faculty member to find potential matches for your child. For instance, if your child has a bi-polar disorder and a perspective school has an in house physician who specializes in mood disorders, you will feel comfort in knowing you are placing your child in the best possible hands.

While the process of enrolling your teenager in a boarding school can be overwhelming; it is often a life-changing decision for families. Many boarding schools provide admissions counselors to walk parents through the step by step process of enrollment. Contact your boarding school of choice for more information about their individual requirements and start the enrollment process.