Boarding Schools

Boarding schools for troubled teens are a great idea when it is necessary to remove your child from their present environment, to minimize distractions.

Boarding schools offer top-notch academics, which is at times more rigorous than curriculum found in mainstream public and private schools. Private boarding schools also offer structured study hours that are monitored by the staff. Your child will spend more time on studies and less time on other, more frivolous pursuits in a boarding school environment.

The use of televisions, video games and the internet are highly regulated within boarding schools, forcing children to find other ways to spend their free time. Many attendees play sports, read books, play music and tackle other outside pursuits. Students who are enrolled in a boarding school are usually very active, with very little down time.

The facilities that are afforded by boarding schools are typically better than those of their mainstream counterparts. Boarding schools typically have a better athletics program as well as a more comprehensive program for music and the fine arts. Boarding schools are typically set in locations where it is possible for children to take a chance on partaking in a program that they wouldn’t have otherwise have tried. Because of the wide range of activities and events offered by a boarding school, it is easy to see a child exponentially grow their interests while away from home.

While at a boarding school, your child will meet peers from a diverse background. Boarding schools easily broaden the minds of its attendees, with students coming from all over the nation, as well as internationally. Students at a boarding school also earn a degree of independence during their stay, which preps them for the outside world. Your child will learn how to interact with others, while fine-tuning personal responsibilities, like cleaning up one’s room. The boarding school environment will help your child to figure out what is expected of them, while helping them hone in on what they should expect from others.

Turning Winds Academic Institute offers an innovative therapeutic program that will attempt to help the individual with their deficiencies. A fully accredited institute by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and the National Independent Private Schools Association, TWAI has a first-class experienced clinical team that leads one-on-one and group therapy sessions, while touting a diverse collection of teachers. Plenty of personal attention will be given to each teen, to ensure proper progress.