Schools and Programs for Troubled Teens

Should you not know how to deal with your troubled teen, a range of treatment options exist to get help for your child. In order to help your child heal, you can extract him from all distractions and external stressors by placing the teen into a boot camp, a wilderness camp or a boarding school. It is recommended that children be placed into one of the aforementioned programs for at least 90 days, so the staff has a sufficient time to be able to work with them.

Parents should take their time when considering sending their children to one of these alternative education programs, to fully investigate the pros and cons. As parents, you need to make sure that you find a camp or school best suits your teenager, so that they get the best possible treatment.

Boot camps supply a highly regimented and physically intensive alternative to traditional schooling, which works to curb inappropriate behavior. Boot camps look to break the spirit of attendees, before modifying their behavior to something that is appropriate. A boot camp might be a great option for parents of a child who have become physically violent and reckless, as other camps and programs will be unable to take on a child of that nature.

Wilderness camps surround the troubled teenagers with nature, something that can’t be bargained with, blackmailed or argued with. Being engulfed by nature has a calming effect on people, especially those who are dealing with some internal turmoil. In wilderness camps, teenagers are removed from the rest of society to focus on themselves, learning to accept responsibilities and the possible consequences that could stem from any decision.

Boarding schools are a great place for troubled teens to head to, in order to be placed in an environment that likely triggers inappropriate behavior. These alternative schools offer a stronger academic curriculum that also includes study hall time that is monitored by staff members. With a limited use of internet, television and video games, children in boarding schools are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of activities outside of the classroom, including music, the performing arts, sports and other intellectual pursuits.

Turning Winds Academic Institute offers an innovative therapeutic program that will attempt to help the individual with their deficiencies. A fully accredited institute by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and the National Independent Private Schools Association, TWAI has a first-class experienced clinical team that leads one-on-one and group therapy sessions, while touting a diverse collection of teachers. Plenty of personal attention will be given to each teen, to ensure proper progress.