Out of Control Teens

Raising children is a tough task, especially when they hit the trying, teenage years. Teens can often seem moody and sensitive to criticism and make drastic changes in their life at the blink of an eye. It’s an interesting but awkward part of anyone’s life when they undergo the puberty process on the way to becoming an adult.

8548745 blogWith such a sudden change in behavior, parents often wonder if what their teenager is doing is normal. It is tough at times to be able to differentiate between typical teen behavior and destructive behavior. Stomping up the stairs and yelling after getting punished is typical for a teenager, while punching a hole through the wall, starting fires or bullying other children are examples of destructive behavior.

Your teen may be considered out of control if they are verbally and physically abusive to other family members, staying out with friends all night, stealing things and coming home under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Parents are likely to believe that their child is simply going through a phase and will grow out of it. It doesn’t take too many of the warning signs to recognize that your teenager is out of control.

In order to combat an out of control teen, parents have several tactics to resort to. With an out of control teen’s need to be able to control things, as parents, you must take back control of your household. As parents, it is necessary to uphold household rules so that the environment is safe for everyone involved.

Sometimes there is an underlying issue as to why your teenager is acting out of control. The parents of an out of control youth should ask questions about the types of behavior they see their wild child partake in, in hopes of finding the root cause of it. Perhaps your teenager is trying drugs or is having a tough time dealing with the death of someone close, which could provide a logical reason for their behavior.

When trying to reign in an out of control teen, it is important to enforce consequences, so that your child will fully understand the ramifications of their choices. It is important to pick your battles with these rambunctious children, to focus on the most important issues rather than nitpick on every little thing that they do wrong.

Sometimes the help of a professional therapist is a good idea, which enables the entire family to come together to help out your out of control teen. Consulting a therapist sends a strong message to a troubled teen that their parents will help them get through whatever they are experiencing.

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