The Pressure to Succeed: Teens and Education Today

Stress, anxiety, peer pressure and fear of failure are among the challenges that today’s teens face every day they get up for school. Recognizing the signs and potential dangers these problems carry can be a very important as a parent. With the ever growing need of education for job placement as well as the increase in cyber-bullying and social media use among teens the pressures of education on modern teens and youth continue to mount.

The Dangers of Educational Pressure on Teens

Excessive pressure in any form can have severe negative effects on teenagers both physically as well as psychologically. Poor school performance can cause of a number of adverse symptoms in the developing teen mind.

  • High Stress: Raised stress levels as a result of fear of failure can cause health issues among teens. Digestive issues, higher blood pressure at an early age and anxiety issues can all result from pressure to perform academically.
  • Peer Pressure: Peers can be very harsh in a person’s teenage years. Stress and pressure from peers can range from bullying to failure in both academics and athletics. High levels of peer to peer competition can result in adverse behavior among teenagers.
  • Addiction: The development of addictive behavior in teenagers can be a direct result of high pressure environments. Teenagers under excessive duress are more prone to addiction including drug use, sexual behavior and psychological disabilities such as eating and nervous disorders.

Recognizing these physical and emotional symptoms in your teenage son or daughter can be the first step in supporting them throughout their educational years. It is important to realize as a parent the wide range of outside stress that can put on a teen through schooling years. Being a supportive parent as well as seeking professional assistant to a teen suffering from excessive educational pressure can ensure a teen’s proper growth and success in society.