Common School Issues for your Teen

It is not uncommon for teenagers to struggle at times while in school. Several factors can contribute to a child’s struggles, some of which are typical and some are atypical. With solid parenting and early intervention, your child could be on the road to academic success.

There will be some reasons why a child will struggle which will be out of the control of the student, bad teachers, an inconsistent school system, work load and school environment. Other times, the blame for poor marks should be placed squarely on the student. Sometimes a child will play a video game instead of studying for a test, or skipped class to go to the mall, but missed a critical assignment.

9531212 blogNormal students will bounce back from their mistakes after learning from them, a typical response. If your teen doesn’t bounce back from mistakes and continuously earns bad marks, you need to dig deeper to find the underlying cause of why that is happening to your troubled teen.

Sometimes parents or guardians don’t set any expectations for their child to shoot for, which will lead to kids going through school halfhearted. Parents who set strong goals for their children and reward them accordingly for hitting those goals will have kids working hard. According to a recent Harvard study, high expectations of children were typically met with high results, proving that high expectations can truly change a child’s educational experience.

Parents should be involved in their child’s development at school, to help the kid succeed. Make sure to have an open line of communication with your child’s school, which will allow you to actively follow his progress. Some kids will perform better in school knowing that their parents are watching what they do, so that their parents will be the first ones to know if the student is struggling or gets out of line.

Parents also shouldn’t neglect a child’s foundation and how they are progressing. Children learn sequentially, learning one skill before taking on the next skill. A child who struggled with basic math will have a hard time trying to grasp an advanced level of math like Trigonometry. Fixing this is rather straight forward as you work with the level that your child struggled with, before moving on to work with the next skill, to build a solid foundation.

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