A Parent Resource for Guiding Teens through Challenging Events, Circumstances and Experiences

teen_girl_dreadsThere’s no denying the fact that parenting a teenager is a challenging role to play. So many things shift and change rapidly during adolescence—social connections, after school activities, academic pressures—and it can be dizzying to stay in the loop. Let TroubledTeens.com, and our wealth of resources and articles, take some of the pressure away from you.

Here, you’ll find a broad array of parenting guides and resources specifically tailored to whatever problem you or your teen is currently facing. Start with “Tips on helping your Teen Overcome Peer Pressure,”—because, let’s face it, just about any mom or dad could use some pointers on that!—and move on to guides addressing bullying, behavioral problems, academic stresses, and more. These guides offer specific, actionable strategies for getting the response you seek from your teenager, whether you want them to talk, listen, or just stop acting out. These include:

  • Specific, guided conversation prompts that will help you have a meaningful talk with your teen
  • Research-based information to help you understand the root cause of your teen’s difficulties
  • Objective questions that will encourage your teen to give truthful answers
  • Ideas for roleplaying scenarios to help your teen work through a potentially difficult social situation before it’s too late
  • Tips for being an active and receptive listener
  • Advice on how to maintain or regain control of your teen
  • Out of home placement solutions for reaching even the most troubled teens


In approaching the challenge of parenting a difficult teenager, it’s important to be proactive. Be informed, but not obsessive, about your teen’s social and academic life, and use our checklists of warning signs for teen depression, suicide, drug use, and other behavioral problems to help guide your parenting tactics. With the right information on your side, you may be able to nip some of the most difficult teen problems in the bud, and prevent your teen from ever veering off the right track.

TroubledTeens.com also provides information on a wide array of treatment options for struggling teenagers, including wilderness camps, residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools. Sometimes, removing a troublesome teen from your home can spare other family members the stress and strife of frequent disruptions. With the right information and intervention, even the most difficult teenager can be transformed into a stable, happy, successful adult.

Don’t kid yourself—your teen isn’t going to just “grow out of” their troubles. They need you, maybe more than they ever have, and they need to know you’re willing to help them. Troubledteens.com is here to help, and give you the information and solutions you need to affect change. If your son or daughter is engaging in disruptive, risky behavior and you have exhausted all of your parenting abilities in trying to help them, perhaps now is the time to utilize the helping hands of caring professionals that specialize in working with struggling teens. Please Contact Us to learn more about our featured therapeutic, boarding school – there is hope for your child!